Guide for First Time Traveling by Airplane

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Due to the development of airlines and many routes, the travel by plane has become popular. However, there are still many people who have not been on the plane yet. Therefore, the post will introduce necessary and useful information for the first time traveling by wonderful means.

1 Book ticket

Booking cheap airfare is always the most hoping for passengers when there is a need to fly, especially for those traveling by plane. The following cheap airline ticket booking experiences will save you some traveling expenses.

  • Following the online ticketing websites of airlines
  • Remove the default options that airline pre-installed such as buying extra luggage, insurance, seat selection, eating and etc.
  • Cheap flights often fly at night or early morning, so if you do not mind the time, you can fly in that price range is much cheaper.

Furthermore, you should remember that when booking cheap airfare is the promotion or low fares of the airlines that do not allow ticket exchange, cancellation, and refund in any case. Of course, you are still allowed to change the date of your flight, but you will be charged a fare difference at that time.

Experiences for First Time Traveling by Flight

2 Preparing for luggage when flying

For all regulated airlines, you only carry 7kg carry-on luggage. Therefore, experience in preparing your luggage for the simplest of the airplanes is that you should remove all important and valuable belongings in your carry-on luggage such as electronics, rechargeable batteries, cosmetics, snack, light jacket (when boarding air conditioning is quite cold), wallet, and papers to check in – check out.

If you have kids, you should prepare some necessary things for them such as milk, towel, diaper, thin coat, milk bottle, wet towel. All of your portable and baby items must be as compact as possible. Moreover, one tip for saving the cost of flying a ticket is that you should book before you buy a ticket. For example, if you estimate about 20kg checked baggage, you should be placed immediately when buying tickets and avoid increasing weight. Because when you come to the airport people rebalance, if you exceed the weight at the registration, the balance will be very high charges. Moreover, you should carefully lock the luggage to prevent theft or dropping luggage during the transportation of the airport staff.

Experiences for First Time Traveling by Flight

In order to have the safe and fun trip for the first time traveling by flight, you absolutely do not carry sharp objects such as knives, scissors, guns, nail files, or explosives such as lighter in both checked baggage and luggage. If you deliberately bring these things up, they may be kept at airport security. Another experience to avoid luggage when flying is that if you go with the family should choose the suitcase of the same color when the airport can be easily retrieved. Of course, every baggage collected is checked by the staff, but it is difficult to avoid errors so I should be the best.

Traveling by flight is the new and interesting experiences for anyone but in order to have a safe and wonderful trip, you should follow the tips above. Furthermore, you should spend a time to learn more about problems which can meet when traveling by flight to avoid.