Explore Wonderful Things in Myanmar

Only to go barefoot in the temple

Myanmar is a wonderful country in Asia with a lot of amazing things and attractive destinations. Therefore, there are a lot of tourists wanting to visit the country one time. The post will introduce unforgettable things in Myanmar.

1 Characteristic of Burmese

The people of Myanmar gentle, honest, prefer to visit the temple and living slowly. They always think “rather begging than stealing”. In addition to the habit of eating betel nut, the Myanmar people from old to young often apply a little yellow powder from the tree thanakha face to protect the sun. Furthermore, men wear sandals all year round, whether they wear a vest or attend a wedding. Only the officers and the army wear shoes.

Characteristic of Burmese
Characteristic of Burmese

2 Life of the local people

Myanmar’s top specialty is milk tea, light tea mixed with fresh milk and honey. Moreover, national grid is very weak, so hotels and restaurants have to use their own generator. The new 9h market opened but 16h was prepared to clean goods for a 17h power outage. In the evening, there are also few entertainment options, including coffee shops, milk tea or snacks, no liquor stores or shopping. In addition, the wedding is held in the morning until noon. The reception department opens the envelope to count the money and write the name of the sender as soon as received. The groom and the bride are only giving presents.

3 Have a lot of temples

Named the landmark of Myanmar, there are thousands of Buddhist temples. According to LA Times, it is estimated that 10,000 temples were built in the 10th and 14th centuries in Bagan. There are only about 2,200 works existing here. Many pagodas here are many towers, mostly gold, diamond and precious stones. The Buddha statues and towers in the temple are growing larger each day because the Buddhists are constantly adding gold leaf when praying. Many temples with Buddha statues are nearly a hundred meters long, with statues weighing almost a thousand tons of precious stones, so people had to make statues and build pagodas.

Have a lot of temples
Have a lot of temples

4 Only to go barefoot in the temple

Stepping to the gate of the temple, the visitors had to take off their shoes and go barefoot. Heads of state are no exception. Police guard the temple during the holidays also “vacuum, bare head” serve. Slippers for each person or group are the same price 1,000 kyats (about 2,000 VND). If you take the bag carrying shoes to carry the same price people.

Moreover, guests should visit the pagoda early in the morning or in the evening to keep their feet warm while walking in the temple. You should also bring a wet towel to wipe your legs after each visit.

Burmese temples do not burn incense but candles and light outside. Buddhists can eat; even organize music in the temple. Guests wear short, too thin not to enter the temple or have to buy additional items.

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