Necessary Things to Know about Con Dao Island

Dam Trau beach
Dam Trau beach

Famous for its historical relics associated with the traumatic past of the Vietnamese people, when referring to Con Dao tourism, many people still think of scary jails. However, in recent years, when sea tourism has become a new trend, people have discovered the pristine and magnificent beauty of Ba Ria-Vung Tau. The clear blue sea, fine white sand, and cool air make Con Dao tourist attractive not only to domestic tourists but also to foreigners. However, Con Dao still is the wild island of Vietnam, so if you want to have the safe and unforgettable trip in there, you should learn more necessary things about Con Dao Island before traveling to the place.

1 Transferring

Vietnam government is trying to improve and develop tourism in Con Dao Island, so you have more than one choice for traveling from HCMC to Con Dao Island including flight or boat

Con Dao Island
Con Dao Island


Currently, there is only Vietnam Airlines in conjunction with Vasco Con Dao route. You can fly directly from Ho Chi Minh City or Can Tho to Con Dao. If you are from Hanoi, you have to transit in one of the two places. In particular, from HCM City every day there are 4-5 flights, guests can bring a maximum of 20 kg checked luggage and 7 kg of free portable. Flight time is about 55 minutes.


Besides flight, tourists can transfer by boat which will help tourists can explore the natural beauty of the island. You can catch a boat from Cat Lo harbor in Vung Tau to Dan Harbor of Con Dao Island. Furthermore, you can take a lightweight passenger and cargo ships.

Con Dao Island
Con Dao Island

– Con Dao 09 has a capacity of about 238 beds, which are dormitories with about 30 beds per room.

– Con Dao 10 can accommodate 140 beds. Each room has between 6 and 10 beds.

However, there is a point to note when you decide to choose this medium, which is the possibility of seasickness on the move. In the quiet seasons (from April to August every year), going to Con Dao is a pleasant experience. However, from September to March, the cruise will be a torment, especially for those who have been motion sick.

The boat departs at 17h and arrives at 7 am the next morning at Ben Dam – Con Dao port and vice versa. On board, there are small canteens serving bottled beverages and cans. The food is mainly shrimp noodles and boiled chicken eggs. From Dam Dam port to Con Son town center is about 12 km.

Ticket price: 350,000VND (one way in Vung Tau) and 450,000 VND in one departure at Bach Dang wharf, HCMC.

Dam Trau beach
Dam Trau beach

2 Places to see

Wonderful beaches

Island is the best choice for you with a list of beautiful beaches. For example, Dam Trau beach which located near Co Ong airport. When visiting the beach, you will admire the beauty of the beach and white smooth sand foam; mountains embrace the sea in the shape of the arc so Dam Trau beach always has light waves, quiet. This is considered the most beautiful beach of Con Dao tourism. Another way, if you visit the island with family, Lo Voi beach is the ideal choice for you which located along Ton Duc Thang Street. Only 10 minutes for walking, you will visit An Hai beach which is covered by the stunning mountain.

Admire sunset

Con Dao tourism gives you the best opportunity to view the sun. You should wake up early to catch the dawn at Shark’s Cape and sunrise over the Bay of Caves, clouds in the sky with the morning sunlight creating a magical light show. Afternoon to stroll through Nhat beach watching the warm sunset slowly dive through Love Peak