Some ways to enter Myanmar

Some ways to enter Myanmar

When travelling in Myanmar, there are some easy ways to enter. It helps tourists can save time and relax soon.


Land crossing is allowed at three places in Thailand but only for a limited or up to certain point only. They are therefore more a convenient way to renew your Thai visa than to explore Myanmar:

– Mae Sai opposite Tachilek: it is now possible to spend up to two weeks in Burma, but in theory up to Kyaingtong only. The road from Kyaingtong to Taunggyi is reported too dangerous to be open to foreigners. Some travelers with a valid Chinese visa have made it up to China but it is not yet a recommended route. The limited trip cost US$18 and, in addition, you must change $100 into FEC. To spend the day in Myanmar cost US$5 or B250. See the locality for more details

by land

– Mae Sot opposite Myawaddy: day trip only US$10 or B500. See the locality for more details

– The three pagoda pass between Sangkhlaburi and Payathonzu: day trip only

It was also reported possible to enter Myanmar from China via the town of Ruili.  This wonder however would need to be arranged with a Chinese travel agent from Kunming and it may cost around US$100. The 4 weeks visa can be obtained in Kunming for 85Y. One day pass to the town of Mu-se is apparently also available.

The following airlines in Southeast Asia fly to Myanmar


The following airlines in Southeast Asia fly to Myanmar:

From Bangkok: Air Asia, Bangkok Airways, Thai Airways International

From Singapore: Jetstar, Silk Air

From Hanoi: Vietnam Airlines

From Kuala Lumpur: Malaysia Airlines, Air Asia

Note: When leaving Myanmar, all travelers must pay a US$10 exit fee at the airport counter before allowed to board a flight.