Special and Unique Dishes in Cu Lao Cham

Cu Lao Cham

If you have a chance to Vietnam, Cu Lao Cham is one of the amazing destinations in there with stunning beaches and interesting activities. Furthermore, cuisine in the island is also the impressive point with tourists when visiting there. However, almost tourists know about seafood on the island, so the post will introduce special and unique dishes in there which you eat in there only.

1 Cake fewer leaf spines

Cake fewer leaf spines have become the kind of cake that has a unique taste, hard to fade and become a private brand for Cu Lao Cham so many tourists come here to buy it. The spiny leaves are like the pride of Hoi An people.

Cake fewer leaf spines
Cake fewer leaf spines


2 “Vu nang” Snails

It is strange to many visitors to Cu Lao Cham. The snail is a spiny snail-shaped snail, with a small knob on the top, a gray-black outer shell, and a glittering coach inside. The snail is good when boiled which is a simple but it’s equally attractive dish. This dish served hot with salt, pepper, and lemon. In addition, the snail on the charcoal oven or snail salad also has an unforgettable taste.

3 Cu Lao Cham forest vegetables

Bring flavors of herbal medicine, wild vegetables grow wild on the foot of the mountain, quite rich in types such as vegetables, greens, firewood. Boiled wood is the simplest but also “quality” best.

Cu Lao Cham forest vegetables
Cu Lao Cham forest vegetables

Raw vegetables with seafood rolls in the layer of rice paper decorated with seasoning sauce became special spices. Furthermore, the vegetable is also cooked with shrimp or minced meat or dried wild vegetables and then drink as a tea, the use of detoxification, liver function is good for the body. Moreover, in Cham Island, you can enjoy another vegetable, which is a bitter vegetable. Visitors will enjoy the savory sautéed garlic and garlic; add a bit of peanut mixed with bitter taste is indeed very attractive.

4 Nests

The bird’s nest is a bird with meat is not delicious, hair is not beautiful, but the song does not produce a rare food, pharmaceuticals, it is a nest, also known as bird’s nest or swift. It has long been confirmed by the scientists that birds nest in their saliva by pairs of under the tongue to secrete the nest. The new yolk is pinkish-white, soft and tough, but due to the action of the air, it quickly froze and turned white. Bird’s nest soup is a high-grade food with high nutritional content.

Besides these dishes, seafood in Cu Lao Cham is also the impressive point with tourists when visiting. Therefore, when visiting there, you do not miss wonderful dishes and amazing beaches in there