Top Picks for Vietnam Which Travelers Should Not Miss

Paddling down Ben Tre
Paddling down Ben Tre

Vietnam is a wonderful and attractive country in Southeast Asia. There are thousands of tourists visiting Vietnam each year to enjoy impressive things in there. Therefore, the post will introduce list experiences which tourists can not miss when traveling in the pretty country.

1 Experience peaceful countryside in Ninh Binh

About 2 hours for transferring from Hanoi, you can soak up the attractive beauty of natural landscapes in Ninh Binh. When visiting Ninh Binh, tourists should get up early and join cycling tour to explore Ninh Binh with limestone ranges, peaceful villages, or watch the farmers are working. It is an exciting experience that can give you a real sense of peace and happiness.

peaceful countryside in Ninh Binh
peaceful countryside in Ninh Binh

2 Admire the beauty of Hanoi with student tour guide

One of the new types of the guide in Hanoi is the free to tour guide who are students of universities in Hanoi. The student guide will suggest interesting destinations, unique foods, and cultural introductions. They will help visitors to experience the life of Hanoi with their passion, from the lunch to the cafe favorite. Furthermore, the tour is free of charge but not including entrance fees.

3 Explore Hanoi’s cuisines

Vietnam is a haven for food lovers, especially in big cities like Hanoi. Come to the capital, visitors should try Hanoi traditional dishes such as bun cha, noodle rolls, sticky rice or coffee egg and so on. The best way to enjoy a true taste of Hanoi cuisine is to ask the local people to find the best place for enjoying the famous and popular dishes in there. In another way, you can book street foods tour for enjoying Vietnam traditional food and learn about the way to make them.

Explore Hanoi’s cuisines
Explore Hanoi’s cuisines

4 Visit Dai Lanh beach and Hon Gom island

Dai Lanh beach located far 80 km in the north of Nha Trang where the green mountains and the ocean meet is a great destination. When visiting the beach, the best way to explore Dai Lanh beach is that rent a motorbike and enjoy the explore Hon Gom island trip by your own. Besides that, you can join the diving activity or book tour for traveling on the boat.

5 Overnight on Hanoi-Danang train

Vietnam is famous for amazing and beautiful railways, so when visiting Vietnam, you should spend time for transferring by the train. For example, the cheap trip from Hanoi to Danang (or Hoi An) by train will give visitors a chance to enjoy the comfort and more interesting. Just overnight on the train, the next morning you went to Danang.

Overnight on Hanoi-Danang train
Overnight on Hanoi-Danang train

6 Enjoy water puppetry

Many visitors think that Vietnam Water Puppet Show is the most exciting cultural activity they have ever experienced in Vietnam. You can admire the show in both Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. However, the price for the show in Hanoi is quite cheaper than Ho Chi Minh City. A show of water puppet show in Ho Chi Minh City costs about $ 7.5, in Hanoi about $ 3-5.

7 Enjoy An Bang beach

Located in Hoi An, An Bang beach where you can find fresh seafood and a small fishing village, so it is the ideal for enjoying the peaceful space. If you want to learn more about local life and explore the beach, you can book homestay for staying. However, you should note that local people can not speak English, but they are very friendly and kind.

8 Experience cycling tour in Danang

Danang trip begins with the dawn and visit the Dragon Bridge or enjoy the countryside in the suburbs. When visiting Danang, tourists can enjoy a lot of wonderful activities, especially cycling.  Enjoy cycling with a group of friends and native guides to travel around mountains are the best way for visitors to enjoy the scenery. Furthermore, cycling tours range from half a day to three to four days depending on your day which you want to spend to travel in beautiful place.

Experience cycling tour in Danang
Experience cycling tour in Danang

9 Lunch and trekking with H’mong people

Visiting Sapa, you should spend time with the natives as trekking around the village of Hoang Lien Son National Park, play with the children or cook together and eat with the whole family. In addition, the English language of the H’Mong people is quite good, so you can comfortable to chat and learn about the life and indigenous culture.

10 Enjoy coffee on the flat ground- “Coffee Bệt”

The type of coffee in Saigon is probably a cultural beauty that anyone come here will be difficult to ignore when buying tickets to Saigon tourism. Many places sell coffee in Saigon, this is almost like you enjoy iced tea and lemon tea in Hanoi. On the side of Notre Dame Cathedral and the 30/4 park are two of the most populated coffee spots. At this point, you will not drink coffee on the table and chairs as in the shop in other places that will be sold to a newspaper salesman to sit on the ground, drinking while watching the street. With the same comfort and enjoyment of coffee, you will feel the culture close in Saigon.

11 Become farmers in Tra Que vegetable garden – Cam Ha

One of the attractive activity when coming to Hoi An is Tra Que Vegetable Village, about 3km from the old town center. Tra Que traditional vegetable village will show tourists different feeling and experience. Local people buy clothes, slippers, conical hats and build houses for visitors to rest to help visitors become farmers if visitors want to be. When enjoying farmer tour, tourists will be trained to do all works of normal farmer such as vegetable gardeners to hoe, plant, water, and fertilize vegetables.

Become farmers in Tra Que vegetable garden - Cam Ha
Become farmers in Tra Que vegetable garden – Cam Ha

12 Paddling down Ben Tre

Most people when having the chance to visit Mekong Delta think about floating market, but paddling down Ben Tre is becoming one of the interesting experiences with tourists.

Visiting the area with many rivers and canals in Ben Tre, tourists will be able to go rowing tourists in small canals, but the two sides are coconut groves, while the upper is the orchard. This type has long been introduced to tourism in recent times have won many hearts in the hearts of visitors to the west of the river.

Besides these experiences, tourists also enjoy other interesting activities such as overnight on cruise in Halong Bay; enjoy the beer in Ta Hien Street and etc. Hope that you will get wonderful and unforgettable time in Vietnam with the information. If you need more information, you can visit Asia Travel Agency