The traditional and special costumes in the world

Sami people in the Arctic
Sami people in the Arctic

Each country will have a different culture which will attract a lot of tourists visiting. However, the post will introduce the special and traditional costumes in the world. For example, the traditional costumes of the H’Mong ethnicity in Vietnam, the Indian men’s turban hat, Masaai women’s necklace or the Dogon clan are traditional and beautifully dressed in the world.

1 Turban hat of Indian

Turban hats are actually a long, curly fabric wrapped around a man’s head, attached with silver jewelry. Furthermore, the larger the hat will show the higher the status of the man in society. There is a turban hat up to 800m long, weighing 50kg.

Turban hat of Indian
Turban hat of Indian


2 Festival costumes in Nigeria

The costume consists of a hat and head covering, a colorful gown. They represent the soul of a loved one in a lost family. You can admire the special costume in Voodoo Spirits which is held every January, attracting crowds and curious visitors.

3 H’Mong ethnic clothing in Vietnam

H’Mong women’s outerwear consists of folded skirts, necked sweatshirts that flip over the back of the nape, waist-length belts around the belly. Towels or caps wear on the head. In particular, dresses and embroidered garments, weaving with complex patterns, colorful and beautiful.

H'Mong ethnic clothing in Vietnam

4 Beauty of Ethiopian women

This tribe is famous for its exotic beauty of women. Furthermore, young girls as early as painted on the face strange shapes, difficult to understand. When you reach adulthood, your lips will be stretched with clay plates. The size of the disc is considered as a gauge of the quality and value of the dowry of her daughter Suri before returning home.

Therefore, the Suri women suffer a lot of physical pain to “beautify” themselves. At present, many young girls of the tribe who are going to school, exposed modern life has no lips but still keep the custom painted body of white clay.

5 Costumes of the Dogon tribe in Mali

Costumes of the Dogon tribe in Mali
Costumes of the Dogon tribe in Mali

In traditional festivals, the Dogon people often wear colorful masks, which are rather difficult to understand. These masks are precious and protect, preserve. After each ceremony, the Dogon will be carefully kept for the next festive season.

6 Nenets costumes in Russia

The life of the Nenets depends entirely on nature and the food is mainly wild meat because, in a very cold climate, their traditional attire is long-sleeved knee-length fur coats.

7 Maasai necklaces

Maasai necklaces
Maasai necklaces

The traditional and special costumes around the world. The most prominent feature in their traditional costumes is the multi-ring, multi-layered necklaces and shaped like a plate. Traditionally, these rings are made from natural materials such as clamshells and hay, but today plastic and glass are more commonly used.

8 Wigmen Huli costume in Papua New Guinea

Wigmen Huli in Papua New Guinea painted their faces with earthy colors and spent months styling their traditional hairstyles. Moreover, Wigmen Huli is one of the most endangered tribes in the world.

9 Sami people in the Arctic

This is a Sami reindeer of the Finno-Ugric ethnic group residing in the Arctic. Finno-Ugric is native to around 140,000 people and lives in five Nordic countries: Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, and Ukraine.

Each country and tribe in the world will have a different costume which creates the beautiful and special traditional culture for the world. Therefore, if you have time, you should spend time for admiring all special costumes. If you need more information, you can visit Asia Travel Agency to get more.